3E Tennessee Announces Plans to Form an Enhanced Oil Recovery Powerhouse

The Nashville-based company, specializing in shallow well oil & gas recovery will form 3E Global, an international drilling and exploration company that will be dedicated to using environmentally friendly technologies.

3E Tennessee President & 3E Global CEO Jason W. Towe is thrilled to announce a new business development in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). 3E Global will be working directly with mineral owners and energy companies to offer customized and comprehensive EOR programs. These programs will increase production by 100% – 700% or more in most qualified wells.

“We can go into almost any non producing well, at anytime, and in a days work we can produce results! As an added benefit, this process often enhances production in surrounding wells too.” – Jason Towe

3E Global’s highly innovative process is totally mobile and can be used anywhere in the world. It consists of an all-organic, hydrocarbon chemical (Super-Heated Nitrogen & CO2 or “Nitro-Gin”) that infuses with the oil and reduces surface tension while raising the gravity of the oil.

“This mobile technology is absolutely amazing. It’s reviving oil fields long since thought to be depleted.” – Jason Towe

In the US alone over 100,000 wells have been drilled and then abandoned due to low production. On qualified wells, 3E Global has been able to extract the remaining oil left in the formation successfully over 85% of the time.

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